Who Am I ?


Born Bruno Brito Semedo, in Tarrafal, Cape Verde, to a nurse and a dreamer. In the early 90s, the family moved to France for a better life.

The Republic of Cabo Verde, an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Source

At 7, I was dreaming about great adventures with a team of buddies, composed of human and robots, towards the limit of the universe.

At 11, my first computer, one of the original Compaq LTE 5280 was getting all my attention. I still remember coming back from school and hacking the hell of the beast (Pentium 120MHz, 16MB RAM, 20 MB HDD and 800 x 600 display 😱). A companion I surely miss since I broke it while trying to know more about the hardware.

Compaq LTE 5280 Source

The next one will take 2 years to come ! But I was fortunate enough to meet Claudio, my best friend.

Claudio's brother was a hardcore gamer and kind enough to let him have an user login. Every time I went to his home, it felt like Christmas. I gained so much from him. So much, I had to practice at home. For months I asked, cried, put magazine pictures of computers everywhere (the most strategic place: 🚽). After some drama and despair, I finally got it ! The Stardust LPK 1310 !

I spent the year learning about software, day and night. Mostly programming all by myself. The discovery of the modem (56 Kbps) and the wave of AOL CDs in the early 2000s lead me to the wonderful land of The Internet. I remember getting the most out of the free 50 hours that came with the AOL subscriptions. Oh boy, how I explored !


Years ago, I lost a dear friend to cystic fibrosis. She was the kindest and brightest person I ever met. She turned my life around and made me a better human. We made a pledge to always be our best and help others.

But I lost my way.


On the verge of my thirties, I began to ask myself "what have I become ?".

After seeking my origin, testing my DNA, catching up with my extended families and thinking of all I had accomplished in my life.

Ethnic groups and geographic regions I originate from according to DNA test

It took me almost 2 years to answer. From all that meditation and reflection, one thought emerged.

AmanQi !


Finding plenitude in Diversity, Equality and Transcendence.