JE #1 - Writer's block

While facing the condition of the writer's block, I decided to build my first product: LabelJam.

JE #1 - Writer's block

Writing my first article ! was an attempt to make myself accountable for the writing of the first official post "Conquering the need to conquer the world.". It's been two weeks and all I wrote is the structure and main thought for each part. Lack of time or concentration to write an article in english, I can have all the excuses I want. In the meantime, nothing has been published.

From this frustrating experience, I came to realize how much it takes to be able to produce good content. Even more to find the right words. A situation, I too often find myself into when I'm writing or trying to find an available domain name for my projects.

This gave me the idea of my first product : LabelJam.

I also took the decision to better manage my time by freeing up 20 hours per week to work on my projects.