JE #2 - I bring to my life a certain amount of mess

Introducing LabelJam, a writer's muse. Talking about maker communities (WIP, Makerlog) and the idea for a unified interface with MakerPool.

JE #2 - I bring to my life a certain amount of mess


In  my last post, Writer's block, I talked about the trouble I had writing good content and named my first project, LabelJam. Without really knowing which form it would take.

Now, I imagine myself in all the situation I struggled to write an essay, a cover letter or an article. The causes were many (e.g. poor vocabulary, lack of cultural references), but I won't let those take down my desire to improve and why not one day write a book. The need for a solution to quickly progress in this matter is strong ! Yet I have so much to do to accomplish such feat.

So I began to discover what's out there, in the world wide web. I stumbled upon existing solutions, one raise above all : Grammarly. Something is missing though. Why not go to further and offer to the writer the meaning in the words she is using. Let her explore the story behind the term that tinkles her mind while writing the last syllabus. With the help of a subtle suggestion, draw the path to a superior writing. Elevate the field, let her know that you can led her fingers to excellence and see how much she enjoys it.

After a while, it seems impossible to do so. Until I found an article on OpenAI blog, Better Language Models and Their Implications, which deals with the understanding of languages aiming to generates coherent human quality text in an unsupervised fashion. It will be the main lead I'll explore to find the right solution to the issue LabelJam needs to resolve.

To venture out on this path, I need support. What's better than to join a community of companions?


Work in Progress

WIP is the first site I ran into thanks to Product Hunt.

Work In Progress (Homepage)

Since WIP membership is bound to a paid subscription, I looked for alternatives before going head on. Makerlog was the next best choice.


Launch by Sergio Mattei after he saw WIP and responded that he wants an inclusive community...

Sergio answer to the post Ask IH: Makerlog vs vs PH Maker Goals?

...where you can benefit for free.

Signed in, created my first product, created a few tasks and glimpsed on interesting profiles.

Makerlog (Profile page)

Which one do I chose ?

The answer is simple both.

Each community has its perks:



Both are awesome and don't see myself choosing only one. As a matter of fact, trying both gave me the idea for a product, MakerPool.


Merriam-Webster's definition of "pool"

MakerPool aims to provides an unified interface to indie makers, hackers' resources. It will gives access to all the tools, documents, platforms' services the user can focus on build a great product.

It ambitious, I know and I will do my best to deliver !

Coming form a system background, I decided to create the first iteration as a command line interface to ease the management of products and tasks I have on both WIP and Makerlog(makerpool-cli uses go-wip). I intent to sync my activity universally.

Plan for the week

MakerPool CLI

The development is active. I plan to implement the support for both WIP and Makerlog APIs.

LabelJam MVP

The plan is ongoing. I made research on UI/UX and NLP to get an idea of what is doable right now. The MVP development will start by the end of the week, right after mockups are done.